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What Makes T.O. Immigration Different?

  • T.O. Immigration DOES

    Have an unparalleled hands-on approach

    Keep you well-informed about your options

    Stay transparent with you through the entire process

  • T.O. Immigration DOES NOT

    Leave you to figure things out for yourself

    Sell unrealistic or impossible dreams

    Withhold information about fees, deadlines, and requirements

Why spend days or weeks trying to make sense of Canadian immigration when our consultants already possess the expertise necessary to guide you through the process?


We stay well-informed about new and upcoming opportunities to ensure that every available avenue is explored

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Our clients deserve the best, and that's what we provide.

T.O. Immigration’s goal is to find the best pathway for your immigration


How do we do this? Our consultants take a comprehensive look at your specific circumstances and match it to our extensive knowledge of Canada’s immigration and citizenship programs


Knowing how much Canadian immigration means to you, our consultants operate ethically, keep open lines of communication, and always put your best interests first.

Working with T.O. Immigration means trusting that you are in dependable hands with our honest, thorough consultants.


It’s not enough for us to simply submit your application and hope for the best. Instead, we’re with you at every stage


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